Surfer Cake Tutorial

I don’t really bake cakes that often, nor am I an expert baker but this adorable cake was deceptively easy  to make so I’d thought I’d share my technique.


You will need:

1 Solo Cup

1 Cake Mix

A Double Batch of Butter Cream Frosting ( I used this recipe). Yum!

Yellow Crystal Sprinkles

Blue Crystal Sprinkles

Surfer Toy (We used Lego Friends)

1.  Bake 2 round cakes (we used 9″ round cake pans) and let them cool completely. I also tried to brush off all the extra crumbs that were loose.

2. Make gallon and gallons of butter cream frosting. Actually just make a big batch.

3. Then make your pretty colors:

-Save about 1 1/2  cup of the plain white

- 3/4 coral pink/orange

-1 cup yellow

-1 1/2 cup light turquoise

-2 cups of the medium turquoise

4. Get your cake plate and spread a little frosting to the bottom of the plate before laying the bottom cake down. This will act like glue and keep it from slipping off and falling on the floor! Also spread some of the white frosting on the top of the bottom cake. This is the frosting in the middle layer. Then set your top cake on that layer.

5. Now it’s time to frost your beach. Just frost a little less than half of the top part of your cake. DON’T make it too perfect or in a straight line (Listen up all you perfectionists!). It needs to look like a natural beach shoreline with a bit of a curve.

6. After you’ve spread your “sand” frosting, sprinkle some of the yellow sugar crystals over the frosting. Looks like sparkling sand!

7. Now you are going to frost the base of your ocean. Spread the medium turquoise on the remaining top of the cake and the sides.

8. You can make the frosting look a bit like waves.

10. Now you are going to cut your Solo cup Cut it in half and then cut a triangle on one side.

11. You are going to spread a thin layer of frosting all over the cup. It will get a little messy! Then stick the straight end of the cup into the cake. Keep adding frosting to the front and the back of the wave to support it.

12. I added the lighter colored aqua frosting as the second ocean layer. I added this color all over the wave as well.

13. After the wave is finish immediately sprinkle it with the blue sugar crystals.

14. Now you are going to fill a pastry bag with the white frosting and really any bigger tip. You get to make the foam! It doesn’t matter what tip you use really because you are going to spread the white frosting around, after you draw your curves, with a butter knife.

15. It’s time to finish up the base of the cake. Load another pastry bag with a shell tip and your coral frosting. Make a shell pattern around the base of the cake.

16. Last, you get to put the little Lego Friends people on the cake. We have a surfer and a sunbather, an umbrella and a float tube. Sounds about right!


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Peter February 5, 2013 at 9:11 pm

WOW! thats really cool im an actual surfer and wanted to try sometin new but instead i can put guy legos, i liked your idea it was really creative


admin April 24, 2013 at 4:03 pm



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