Sew a Personalized Towel For A Child

This an pretty simple sewing project that utilizes basic appliqué skills. We have four children in our house and what I love about the kids having personalized towels is that we do a LOT less laundry! I make them use their own towel and then every couple of days we wash them. The hoods or loops allow kids to easily hang their towels themselves. My girls especially can use a lot of towels if I don’t stay after them. Also these are just really cute hanging in a row on a hook!


Supplies You Need:

  • 1 Bath Towel
  • 1 Wash Cloth
  • Applique Fabric Choice (approximately 1/4 yd.)
  • Optional: Iron on Interfacing
  • Matching Thread

Tools Needed:

  • Sewing Machine

Step 1

Fold the wash cloth in half and stitch along one edge. Then turn that right side out.

Step 2

Next, open up the bath towel and find the middle of one of the longest sides. Find the middle of the wide bottom edge of the towel and pin. Match the two the pins and pin the rest of the edge of the washcloth along the edge of the bath towel. Stitch the washcloth edge right on top of the bath towel edge overlapping about 1/2″. Now you have your little hood. Cute!


Step 3

After this you are going to go to your computer and find your favorite simple font. I like Arial for an easy appliqué template. You don’t want to many little details to have to maneuver around with your machine. Print your letters in a really large print like 500 or 600. HINT: Set the font to outline to save ALOT of ink! You can also hand draw your letters if you like it to look a little bit more wonky.

If you want, this is where you’d iron your iron-on facing on the back side of the appliqué fabric. Cut out your letters and use them as a pattern to cut your appliqué fabric. You can iron them on the towel where you want them and them just zig zag stitch around all of the edges of each letter. Don’t skip this step the iron-on facing won’t stay through many washings.
















Another Towel Option 


If you want a little more sophisticated and grown-up option you can omit the hood on the towel and make a tab loop instead. The above towel I made for a 4 year old friend. The towels below are what I made for my teens and tweens.