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What You Need:

  • scrap fabric
  • scissors
  • study thread and needle
  • bowl, plate, or other circular template
  • marker

Start with a circle template. You can buy templates at a quilt shop or you can scour your house for a circular object (lamp base, make-up mirror, bowl, plate, etc.). Remember your yo-yo will end up a little less than 1/2 of of your template.

I used a marker to trace the circle. Then cut out.

Here’s a perfect little circle.

Now take your circle to your ironing board and iron the edge over 1/4 “.  Careful of your little fingers!

It should look like this when you’re done ironing.

Now it’s time to get your needle and thread. A sturdy thread is necessary so that it doesn’t bust on you when you are gathering the center. Hand Quilting thread works well as does doubling up regular multipurpose thread. I’ve even used embroidery thread in a pinch.

Leaving at least a 4″ tail start sewing a straight stitch. (Hint: If you make your stitch longer your yo-yo will be closer in the center and if you keep your stitches closer together the center of your yo-yo will be larger). Keep doing this until you go all the way around. Sew past your original starting point by about 1/2″.

Trim your thread so you have another 4″ tail. It should look like this.

Here’s the fun part! Just pull the thread tails and watch your yo-yo cinch up. So cute. Pull them tight and then tie the ends in a square knot (right over left, left over over right).

Don’t you love it! You can now  sew this little cutie anywhere you’d like to.