The best laid plans…

I had thought for sure that by now I would have my first quilt pattern on the website for sale, however I should know better by now that life rarely goes according to my Outlook calendar. I should learn to make blocks of time for “kids fighting and therefore need to take an extra hour to help them work out their argument over who gets to sit on the left side of the car”, or block out times for “I have more laundry to do than the United States Army because I excel at procrastination more than folding tiny people clothes”. Last week also had some “the stomach flu hit our family and I can’t even walk up a flight of stairs” blocks so ya know, life happens.

That being said, look at how yummy the quilt is going to be. It’s also going to be very simple and fast project.

I blocked out some time tonight in Outlook for “finish the quilt pattern”, but from experience I know I must stay flexible…

Floral- Michael Miller- Poppy Bouquet in Lime

Green- Spirit House Designer, Free Spirit Designer Solids, Free Spirit Designer Solid in Olive

White- Patricia Bravo, Pure Elements, Solid in Linen White

Blue Dot-Michael Miller House Designer, Bonnes Amies, Petit Point in Marseille

Pink Dot- Miller House Designer, Bonnes Amies, Petit Point in Pink

These yummy fabrics can be found at Hawthorne Threads, one of my fabric online fabric stores.

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  • Amy Wolin April 9, 2011, 3:28 pm

    Super cute April! Love the quilt! Your posts are so fun to read.